Have you ever watched any of the Lord of the Rings movies? If you have watched the second one (the two towers) then you probably remember the scene where the crazy Uruk Hai (boss Ork) ran into the hole in the wall with a torch lit the bomb and went, well, BOOM! blowing up the wall and every one else around him.

I am now getting sidetracked but back to what I said about plastic model I said in  the last post I wrote and the lord of the rings theme I started with and add it all together the end result is from a company called Games Workshop and they sell a type of model called a miniature. Miniatures are some times used for things like miniature strategy games. example one of them is Lord of the rings!

I bought a small pack including 8 Uruk Hai engineers 2 bombs 4 ladders and last but not least 2 Berserkers the contents are shown above.

I will be posting pictures of my progress in later posts. See you soon!

Edited by Charlie and Griffin!

Letter from the recycling bin

Dear parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents,

I am mailing this to you because I have finally been received, opened, and tossed to the floor. revealing my friend and confusing my receiver. After weeks of being crammed together with my friends concealing each other’s brown hard cardboard bodies. Then to be opened then tossed aside to spectate the opening the next of my friends then the next box then the next frustrating our middle aged receiver. Two minutes later the man finally got to the very center and opened the last and very smallest box uncovering a small neat screwdriver one only the size for models. Once the shock of his Christmas wish coming true, the man started to howl with laughter then he stood up an hugged his wife then went to pick up all of the many boxes of his present and after a few seconds of walking we were placed in the recycling bin. After a few days of sitting in that blue bin a large moving box pulled up following a man with weird reflective clothing who then picked me up first (which is quite obvious because of my looks 🙂 then thew my soaked ruined body into the back of the box and soon my friends then the box drove away. Now I am here in a even bigger box and waiting for what happens next

P.S. I am cold sincerely your son Larry the box

edited by Jordan and Sophie

Photo credit to ahhyeah

Nerf to airsoft?

Hello I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and now that I found the right plans I can now show you how to make an airsoftgun!

Shopping list

  1. A Buzzbee toy gun that uses shells (it has to use those shells)
  2. Straws big enough for your BBS to loosely fit
  3. Some small wire
  4. A power drill (warning if you are inexperienced with power tools or any type of tool please get someone to help you with them)
  5. A drill bit about the same size as the small hole in the bottom of the shell
  6. Scissors
  7. BBS
  8. Hot glue gun



  1. Take the shell and drill a hole in the indent in the bottom with the power drill so the little stick in the center comes out.
  2. Take off the suction cup off the end of the dart, you do not need this any more ( do this to 1 for future reference).
  3. Take the straw and insert it into the foam topless dart.
  4. Measure the new dart with the stock dart and cut the straw to the same size.
  5. Insert the wire into the bottom of the dart so the BBS do not roll out the back of the shell, then cut to size.
  6. Put it all together so the wire end is at the back of it all and the cut straw is protruding out the front, then hot glue together.



  1. Load the BBS into the straw then insert a wad of paper to seal the BBS inside.
  2. Load the built and loaded casings normal as you would into the gun. Cock and fire.

(Warning do not aim at eyes or other sensitive regions or animals and make sure your target has eye protection)