Have you ever watched any of the Lord of the Rings movies? If you have watched the second one (the two towers) then you probably remember the scene where the crazy Uruk Hai (boss Ork) ran into the hole in the wall with a torch lit the bomb and went, well, BOOM! blowing up the wall and every one else around him.

I am now getting sidetracked but back to what I said about plastic model I said in  the last post I wrote and the lord of the rings theme I started with and add it all together the end result is from a company called Games Workshop and they sell a type of model called a miniature. Miniatures are some times used for things like miniature strategy games. example one of them is Lord of the rings!

I bought a small pack including 8 Uruk Hai engineers 2 bombs 4 ladders and last but not least 2 Berserkers the contents are shown above.

I will be posting pictures of my progress in later posts. See you soon!

Edited by Charlie and Griffin!

Be Sad

Evey one This is a sad time but it is time time to say good bye to a lost companion a guard from boredom it is time to bid farewell to an X-Box, probably the most amazing machine to enter my household. Through years of Halo, COD and other wonderful games she has given up and will soon be taken to the be recycled. because the horrible red ring of death has come fellow gamers please protect your game systems but for now we will say rest in peace and we will miss you X-Box.


Have you ever watched the Party Rock Anthem music video? If you have, then you would know about the Shufflebot and that robot is my Halloween costume.   I started with a card board box then  I cut out the eyes and mouth holes.  I then strengthened it with a square of inch-tall card board, then a pad of  foam so it is comfy to wear, then I spray painted it gold.

This is the unpainted head










The finished product.










This is under side.

Surprisingly it was comfortable to wear but I found it to be quite dark and hard to see when I wore it and very difficult when I wore it at  night.

When I wore it to school I was surprised that my friend Griffin had the same idea. We were like twins!!